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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple People Eater

With so much going on the past couple of weeks my nails have fallen to the wayside a bit!  For that I am sorry.  Time management is not my strong suite, but I will do better!  LOL

I take pictures of all of my mani's and keep them in a photo album so that I can look at them from time to time when I need some inspiration.  While looking thru my photos today I came across a couple of photos of a mani that I did a few weeks ago.  I wanted to post these photos a while ago and just missed it!  Boooo for me, I know!  When I saw these pictures I knew I had to throw this post up because I really really loved this mani.  

If you've been reading the blog then you know that I am new to color!  I was a creature of habit and mine was only polishing in dark colors.  NOT ANYMORE!  E really opened my eyes to a world of fun, flashy colors and awesome nail art and there ain't no turning back now baby!  My Purple People Eater mani is probably not the most adventurous for some, but for me it was a bit of a stretch and one of the first in my burgeoning arsenal of fun polish colors.   This mani was done in the infancy of my evolution into girly-ness so be kind!  LOL  

Rimmel London Wild Orchid and Essie LuxEffects Shine of the Times/No Flash
One coat of each!  Looks SOOOOOOOO good!/With Flash

I'm not sure if you've noticed how much I LOVE Rimmel London polish... but, I LOVE RIMMEL LONDON POLISH!!!  I really wish they would expand their color line. The formula is one of my favorites, the brushes are amazing, and I can usually get a really nice full coverage in one coat.  

Essie LuxEffects Shine of the Times is such a fun treatment polish. Honestly, the entire LuxEffects line is really pretty but  this was the only one that I felt like I had to have.  

Well there ya have it and I hope you like it!  


  1. It's so pretty, really nice combo.

  2. That IS an awesome combo! I am a big sucker for flakies.


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