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Friday, April 6, 2012

Schwagin' Nail Mail

Let me start by giving a bit of background information.  Like most little girls, I have loved nail polish since I can remember.  My obsession with nails really kicked into high gear when I was about 15 years old and acrylic nails became super popular.  I had a really tight knit group of friends and we would go and get our nails done weekly at the local nail shop.  We would try to top each other with style and length, at times getting a bit out of control.  When you're 15 years old trying to keep up with whats hot, it can become expensive.  Even $10 a week on a balance and polish became a bit much!  

One of my girls; who was obviously paying more attention at the nail shop than the rest of us, had the bright idea to go to Sally's and buy all of the products that the nail techs used on us. She quickly figured out how to do our nails at home instead! From that point on we became guinea pigs in Kim's quest to save us money and be creative.

After some mishaps, Kim quickly became a pretty good basement nail tech and we always had the best nails around.  To sum it up, as soon as we graduated high school Kim went and got her nail tech license.  And, as they say, the rest is history.  

So now the story of my day begins.  I got up like any other day and decided that I needed to run to my favorite stores and check out what was new or on sale in the world of polish.  I hit up a few of my local Sally's and an Ulta store to pick up some great new colors. The entire time I was shopping I had E on the phone, as usual, looking up polish swatches and helping me shop from 5 states away.

A good start to my day, but not even close to what was coming up next! I finally finished shopping and headed home. The whole time I was thinking about my haul from this mornings trip.  So, I pull up to the house and wait! What do I see?! A BIG BOX ON MY FRONT STEP ADDRESSED TO ME!! The address section of the box was in handwriting that I knew, and it said KIMMIE!

Why is this so exciting you ask?  Well, I knew right away that my girl, Kimmie Kyees, had sent me a care package.  Immediately I called E back; she was possibly more excited that I was at the posibility of what was inside the box! LOL

Anyways, I'll just get straight to it.  Inside the box was NAIL POLISH and NAIL TREATMENTS and and an entire set of GEL POLISHES INCLUDING THE UV LIGHT!!!  (insert hallelujah chorus with angels singing back up)

So, below you will find pictures of all my goodies that Kimmie sent me including the upcoming line of SPARITUAL Gold Collection due out in May.

Please share in my joy while you look at these pics!

Everything that was in the box!
Red Carpet Nails Gel Polish Pro Kit + Gel Polish
What seems to be the entire line of Wet'n'Wild Wild Shine Polish
Wet'n'Wild Megalast Polish
Orly Mini's and Kimmie Kyees & Elegant Touch Nail Creations

drumroll please...
SPARITUALS new Gold Collection, due in May 2012

Keep and eye out because I will be swatching and reviewing these soon!  

Needless to say my day was already great but now it's awesome! I have even more nail trickery to get myself into!  Good thing Kimmie sent me some awesome nail care products too! The amount of remover these nails are going to be subjected to in the next week or so is going to be insane!  


  1. Hey Dom!

    Holy smmmmmooookes! That is one hell of a care package for a polish lover. I had to pick my jaw off the ground when I saw the photos of the contents. I'm sure you were grinning ear to ear when you opened the box! ;)

    Enjoy the products, and I can't wait to read what you think of them.

    You and E have a wonderful blog! I'll be back soon. (Nailphiles can never get enough polishes, right? We need our fix.) ;)

  2. have no idea how happy I was when I opened this box! My girl really came through for me! Love her tons! And thanks for comments!


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