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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Techo... am I Raving Again?

I will admit that I was a rave girl once upon a time and boy were those days fun!  Seems so long ago now that I think about it, but one thing that I will never forget is how they made me feel.  Depending on the party planner, the overall feeling that I would usually leave with would be one of shock and awe.  Had I really just partied the night away inside a disco ball?  All the lights and pounding music was such a rush. People dressed in crazy clothes, waving glow sticks around and dancing so hard that it hurt the next day!

Please excuse my rant about my youth but it does have a point, I promise!   All of those excited feelings that I used to have getting ready for a rave hit me all at once one day at the local Ulta.  Sounds silly I know, but stay with me here and hopefully it'll all make sense.

While shopping around and looking for a good deal I suddenly stopped in my tracks.  In my peripheral vision I had spotted something sparkly and my ADHD kicked in big time.  I had a feeling that once I turned my head I was going to fall in love and boy was I right!  Just like all those old excited feelings that I used to have getting ready for a night of ridiculous dancing and eye catching flashiness, I was hooked on my new love, China Glaze - Techno.  However, I managed to leave the store without my new best-friend!  :(  Unfortunately I already had a bag full of polish that had reached my max budget for the trip.  Booooooo!  I know!  But, I try my hardest to be a responsible spender even when it comes to polish!  I was so sad that I had to leave Techno at the store especially since she was the last one.  A couple days later when I called to see if she was still at Ulta, I was not surprised to find out that Techno had been sold.  I then began calling the Sally's in and out of my area but it was the same story each time.  Techno was sold out!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and some serious consideration later, I still had not bought Techno.  Here is where the story gets happy... on a shopping trip with my husband one of the stops that we needed to make was to a Sally's to pick up some raincheck items on hold.  I also warned him that I would most likely find a few more polishes to add to the collection, so he was prepared.

My first stop in the store was the China Glaze display shelf.  On a previous shopping trip I had picked up a few of the new Prismatic Collection and loved them, so I decided to try and complete the collection.  I noticed a polish on the display that I had not seen the last time I was in the store so I was really intrigued.  When I picked it up and looked closely I almost had a heart attack!  Could it be?  Had the polish gods picked that day to smile down on little old me!  I looked at the bottom again... low and behold... it was Techno!  I took that as a sign of course and added it to my basket for the day!

China Glaze had done it again and Techno is just how they did it!  Techno is part of the Electropop Collection release for Spring 2012.  I had seen the collection at Sally's several times but was not really excited by any of the colors on display (Techno was obviously missing!).

In the bottle, Techno looks like a million little disco balls.  A beautiful collection of round holographic glitter mixed with a bit of micro glitter.  I couldn't wait to try it out and I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

The Magic Duo... Rimmel London Steel Grey & China Glaze TECHNO!!!!
With flash
Close up with flash
After two coats of Steel Grey and two coats of Techno, I am giving this polish an amazing A+!  I love it! For some crazy reason I feel like I should be holding some glow sticks, flailing my arms around creating trails with these magnificent nails!  (all you former ravers know exactly what I am talking about)


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    1. @Sandra... I love this combo but I am telling you, I think Techno would look good with almost any color! I want to try it with a metallic silver next!


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