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August 15, 2012
I am officially the mother of two middle schoolers!  I have been M.I.A most of this summer and have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

I had a summer job that ended a week ago!  (sad face) So, I am now on the job hunt yet again.  On top of running around doing so much school shopping for two grown men ... I feel like I need a fresh wind in my sail.  I have been on the slow end of polish purchases lately.  I know some people who would say that is a good thing but, I MISS MY POLISH SHOPPING!  I would agree that the money is being well spent on other things like kids and bills!  LOL!

I am really trying to get my inspiration on so that I can get back into the swing of things.  I am planning on reorganizing my stash by color and hoping that will help me with some ideas.  Sometimes just getting out all of my polish and sitting in the middle of the pile is enough to get my creative juices flowing or, it could backfire and prove that I am a hoarder and throw me over the edge at which point my husband could find my on the floor covered in colorful liquid and tears!  LOL!!!  Who knows?  I will let you know how it goes.

Hopefully, I will be able to feel inspired and you will be seeing some post from me again sooner than later.

May 25, 2012
As you may have noticed I have not been able to figure out how to post rather than update to my musings page but oh well!  : )  E and I have been working on our first post together!  WooooooooHooooooooo! I know you are so excited!  LOL!

I did a post a while back on my Swaggin' Nail Mail from my girl Kimmie Kyees.  You can read some of our history in that post.  I have known Kim for the better part of nearly 20yrs and she is, what I would consider, one of my best friends.  We have been through so much together and really, watched each other grow up!  Not only is she a great friend but, she just so happens to be one of the biggest names in nail art today.  She works with the Hollywood elite making sure that their nails always look amazing!  It is really awesome to have someone to chat with about polish who actually loves it just as much as E and I do!

E and I were talking one day about possibly doing and interview with Kim for our blog.  You know, some tips and tricks from a manicurist to the starts!  Fun right? (insert panic attack here)  Although, I was excited at the prospect of being able to bring our readers something so cool, I also didn't want to be "that girl" that jumped on the band-wagon and bothered Kim for something.  So, I did the next best thing... I called her sister Tiffany (who, BTW, is an awesome musician and photographer in LA).  LOL!  The convo went something like this... "Hey, do you think your sister would be willing to do a short interview for our blog?  I mean, I don't wanna be that girl... you know, the starfucker that wants her to do something for me now that she is 'famous'!"  Tiffany replied, "You are stupid and I am pretty sure that she knows better than that after a million years of knowing you.  On top of the fact that she loves talking about nails so why the hell not!?" Yes, that is pretty much exactly how it happened!  LOL!  With that said, I finally bit the bullet and asked Kim and, of course, she said yes!

But, I digress, with so much information about Kimmie in our first ever combined post, we thought it would be fun to use my personal musings to add some pics of Kimmie and I over the years!  So that is just what I'm gonna do.  Below you will find some of our finest moments in history!

And Kim, if you are reading this... I love you girl and I am sorry for any of the images that may or may not be all your fault in the first place for carrying your damn camera around EVERYWHERE we went!  MUAH!

So there you have it... a short pictorial history of our friendship.  I am fairly certain that Kim has way more embarrassing pics of me so I am going to stop while I am ahead!

May 7, 2012
I am not entirely sure why I cannot add a new "post" to this page but I plan on figuring it out soon!  LOL
For now I will just date whatever I add.   Hopefully that will be OK!

I wanted to take a moment to say how much fun I am having with this forum to share my love of polish!  It really has been a blast so far!  It has also been something really nice for E and I to be able to do together even though we live so far away from each other.  It has kept us in contact and given us something to actually be able to do together without having to be in the same room!  Woooooohooooo for technology!

Now onto polish!  I mean, that is what we are all here for!  I have been on a budget for most of my adult life and although I wish I could spend as much as I want to on my hobbies, I cannot. :(  With that said, my husband has been very happy with my latest epiphany... I really like inexpensive polish!  I mean, I really like it and not just because of the price either.  I have been buying polish for a while and been really blessed to have a great friend that sent me so much to get my collection really going.  But, I have found it harder and harder to justify spending $10 on a bottle of polish.  Don't get me wrong, there are several that I would love that cost more than that but I just really cannot do it.

I have been really careful to plan out my polish shopping trips in order to save the most money.   You know, watching out for sales and looking for coupons.  E has helped me out with this as she is the QUEEN of bargain shopping.  However, there are those times when I am in the store and something catches my eye that I just have to have.  Enter the drugstore polish market!

Wet'n'Wild, Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen and, my latest find Studio M, have saved the day and my pockets!  Not to mention, made it possible for the occasional splurge on a more expensive polish.  You can usually find any of the above mentioned polish for $3 or less at your local drugstore or grocery store.  And, can I tell you, that I am loving the formula and color choices that I am seeing from the less expensive brands.   The megalast line from Wet'n'Wild, for example, is fast becoming one of my favorites.  Rimmel London, you can find for under $4 at most stores and I absolutely love the one and done formula that they bring to the table.  My latest find was at my local Meijer store and for $2-$3 you can get a bottle of Studio M polish that will knock your socks off!  I will posting on this line of polish soon and I promise you will be surprised and what I have found!

Well, I think I should stop ranting at some point.   I hope you got the message and take some time to stalk the shelves of your local drugstore.  You might be really surprised by what you find.

So, I have been having a kick ass time shopping for new polishes and trying new things... honestly, I am sure my husband is ready to kill me by now with all polish mania going on in my house at the moment!  You must understand that I live in a house with three boys (four if you count my dog).  So, the possibility of this blog taking off and becoming a forum for me to get my girly out is enough to make me want to jump up and down.  E and I have been spending tons of time on Skype just talking polish and doing mani's "together"!  LOL  We have managed to get some work done on the blog as well.  It is coming along smashingly and I cannot wait to be able to get the word out a bit more.

I have continued to expand my horizons and my budget purchasing some pretty daring colors for myself!  I really feel like a kid again, rediscovering my love for wacky polish and statement colors!  My most recent love affair has been with green.  I never really played around with color to much limiting myself because of my skin tone but, with E urging me to step out of my comfort zone I have really been enjoying the journey!   

Well I guess that's it for now!  I can't wait to get out my next couple blogs and see what you all think.  

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