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Friday, April 13, 2012

First Julep Maven... Next the World!!!

So previously I posted about receiving my first Indie Nail Mail. But then today I came home to not only receiving my recent Amazon order of brushes and dotters, but my first Julep Maven box!

Let me be honest, I LOVE the idea of a beauty sample box, and I think it's ingenious but truly I only chose "It Girl" because I wanted 3 new colors. The colors that did come, Leah, Helena & Melissa, are beautiful colors and definitely colors I didn't necessarily have either. Leah was the first one I tried and is a very pretty soft green with a slight shimmer. The formula was awesomesauce too! It goes on so smooth and dries fairly quickly. So Truly that was a win and I definitely plan on wearing it alone in the future. I used it for an upcoming post as a background so be sure to look for that. Helena is a really awesome fuchsia color. I haven't worn it just yet but I plan to use it very very soon! Last but not least is Melissa. This color is definitely an effect color. It doesn't appear to be pigmented enough to stand alone but has some amazing shifts in color. Again, I haven't worn this one but I plan to. I have some ideas for it already!
Love the packaging! Cute hot pink bag with lime green ribbon and a nail file!

L to R: Melissa, Leah & Helena

I'll say this in conclusion... I signed up for a mystery spring box... so at least at this point Julep has my business enough to try a second helping of their nail mail!

FYI According to Julep Maven on Facebook their SPRING code for the Spring Mystery box is still valid! Hurry on over and give Julep Maven a whirl!


  1. nice polish :)

  2. Thanks! I love both the purple (helena) and the green (leah) a LOT... haven't tried the other one (melissa) yet. Your polish colors are very pretty on your page! Thanks for viewing :) come back soon!!


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