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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Julep Maven Spring Mystery Box!

I loved my initial Julep Maven subscription box... so of course I was right on top of the SPRING MYSTERY BOX! I mean... who doesn't love going to the mail box and finding a surprise?! Ok, so it isn't exactly a true surprise because I paid for it and blah blah... but! I didn't know what would be in it and that IS a surprise! Tickle me pink because it was definitely worth the $20! (Julep Maven on Facebook listed a promo code to make the Spring Mystery box only $20) The Julep Maven website listed the Mystery box value between $60 - $200usd depending on what was included in it. After seeing some rave reviews of their St. Patrick's Day Mystery box I knew I wanted to receive a Spring Mystery box!

Well... I watched the mail like a hawk for about a week. I knew it should be coming but the anticipation was KILLING ME! I do love surprises but seriously it was getting close to tortuous levels after a week or two! My agony was finally alleviated when I checked the mail the yesterday...
My awesome Spring Mystery box!
Of course my eyeballs zoomed in on that lovely $50 gift certificate! WOOHOO!!! Yayness *does happy dance* And then the rabid search through the box started! In addition to my gift certificate I found a lovely bottle of Julep Elixir 100% Organic Argan Oil that retails for $24, nail polish Melissa, Hayden, Fast Dry Topcoat and Anne, and a cute little bag of chocolates!

Polish L to R: Melissa, Hayden, Fast Dry topcoat, Anne
I was a little bummed at receiving Melissa again and Hayden is definitely not in my normal color palette, but the Fast Dry topcoat was of course a nice addition as well as Anne. I will say this... even though the polish selection didn't knock me off my feet, I do see potential in the colors and will happily try them before attempting to swap, especially at $14 a bottle the polish is at least worth a try! Plus the formula is pretty awesome so you never know, I might decide I love the colors.

Last night I tried the fast dry topcoat and while it is definitely not a substitute for my fave, Seche Vite, it did dry quickly with a lovely shiny surface. Since that worked out pretty well I figured why not give Melissa a test run too. I will start with this, it is not a color to wear alone unless you want a verrrrrry sheer shimmer but it IS an awesome effect color. Meaning it is sheer enough to layer it on top of another color to add a lovely creamy shimmer to. Of course I removed the polish before taking a photo because I'm a total dunce like that but I promise to use Melissa as a top layer again soon and post pics so you can see what I mean.

All in all it was a great box! I loved what I received and am truly happy with my new mani additions. Total retail value of my box: $130 (gift certificate, 4 polishes and 1 bottle of Elixir)!! Not too shabby for $20! That means I'm up $110 worth of products I really like! How awesome is that?!

At this point I would definitely recommend giving Julep Maven a try. You can follow this LINK to start your Julep Maven subscription today!


  1. What a fab box! I need to try a surprise one next time they do it! PS I am in LOVE with that works great on dry skin!

  2. Yeah I was super excited about this Mystery Box lol... I heard the Elixir was awesome- so glad that you can vouch for it!! Do you just use it on your nails or hands or what? xo E


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