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About US!

Two friends on a mission... to boldly cultivate the most awesome polish collection ever!

No... seriously though, with a shared love of nail polish, nail art and all things related, we decided to combine our misadventures and share them with you in one awesome spot!

We found that we spent more and more time on the phone talking, texting and sending pics of our nails than ever before! We were spending so much time discussing and sharing the information we were finding that it just seemed logical to put it in one place to share with others....

Dom & her Men

Hey all, my name is Dom and this is my family!  Thought you would want to know a bit about me since you will be taking my awesome advice about mani's straight to heart!  (haha!  I really hope you do!)
Some basic info.... I am a married mom of two crazy boys! Right now I am a stay at home mom and so excited to be able to use my free time to share about something I love!!!

I have always had a love hate relationship with my nails. Being a repeat rider on the mani-acrylic roller coaster has been fun but I have recently fallen in love with a nice polish on a nice short to mid-length nail! I love all of the new trends that have been coming out and how much emphasis has recently been put on a nice looking manicure.  No matter your size or your personal style or shopping habits, everyone can have a nice looking nail! Take a trip over to Dom's Mani Musings to check out all the things that I love and hate when it comes to nail trends and polish.  You will soon find out that E & I, although super awesome friends, have some different opinions on what is hot and what is not!  Hope you enjoy what I have to say!

E & her Family

Hello!! My name is E. A little bit about myself... I am a Navy Wife and mother of 2 awesome kids, Alexander who is 1 year old and Serena who is 12 years old. I have been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now and while I am still newish to this adventure, it's been fun so far! 

I used to believe I looked weird with nail polish on my fingers... and now I can't seem to keep a color on for more than a day or two because I want to wear them all!! Also, I really love that recently fun colors and nail art designs have emerged from the depths of local nail shops! Now, with the help of blogs, YouTube and the speed and ease of communication the creative individuality that has emerged from the nail shops can be emulated by anyone with some patience, time, and usually a small amount of money! I believe in expressing yourself and making something your own or at least until you figure it out, borrow!! I enjoy color just as much as anyone else but I also have recently fallen in love with darker nail polish. I am NOT a big believer that because your skin tone or nail length are X that you have to stay within a certain mani frame of color palette or look. Be BOLD! Be DARING! Have FUN! So take it from me... someone who loves a great T-Shirt, Jeans and flip-flop wardrobe... be creative and show your individuality in your personal accessory- your MANI!!!

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