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December 12, 2012

Wow... the last repeating date for (I think I saw somewhere... ) 89 years! I've always loved the repeating dates lol. It's small and insignificant but always fun lol. My husband has a thing with numbers and dates as well. He wanted us to get married on 9/10/11 but we had family coming to visit within a few days of that date and I held out so they could be there with us... unfortunately through a (now) hilarious bunch of happenstances we didn't get to be married with them around! Oh well right? No matter what though, I'll always remember our anniversary... just don't tell my husband that I should've listened to him and gone ahead on that funny date lol. He will be insufferable if he finds out!



April 12, 2012

Lots of 12's in the date today lol.

So today I had the itch to try an idea I found on Pinterest and it was an EPIC FAIL lol. Basically it said that mixing eye shadow and clear nail polish would allow you to make your own polish color with items you already had. Easy right? Um no.

Well.... some observations for those that might be ever so intrigued...

  1. Don't start with a full bottle of clear polish, pour some out into a jar that you might have a lid for. I used a small baby food jar.
  2. If you can find a little funnel, I promise you it will make your life that much easier. Mine came courtesy of the pack of craft glitter from Wally's.
  3. Have your area set up prior to... you'll need a couple toothpicks to help push the eyeshadow through the funnel if it doesn't go willingly, a couple paper towels or other type of item to put down to catch the mess that you'll be making, and finally some clean nails to test test TEST your new creation on in it's various stages.
  4. It truly isn't an exact science so you might want to pour some in, mix it, check and rinse/repeat if you find that you aren't exactly at the color you envisioned.
  5. ALL GLITTERS AREN'T CREATED EQUAL lol... if you're thinking of jazzing your new creation up with some bling... do it at your own peril! I suggest trying some glitter mixed with a bit of the new creation on a surface that you can sort control... that way if the glitter turns out ugly you didn't ruin the whole bottle!! (my surface was the baby food jar's lid)
  6. STOP while you're ahead... don't get infected with the "just a little more" bug!
  7. and FINALLY.... Do NOT think this one bottle makes you the next Sally Hansen or Dollish Polish lol. It takes time to perfect a good polish... that doesn't mean that your new creation isn't just as special! So if you find that this was the highlight of your life... maybe you should check out some stores that sell the items to actually formulate your own polish rather than the DIY project. You never know- maybe you ARE the next Sally Hansen and you just need the time and right materials to try!
I'm sure at this point you're interested in how my little idea turned into an epic fail... well this is how it went. I had a bottle of clear polish, poured a bit out and even though it took some time and serious effort peppered with F bombs and other flavorful words... I ended up with a nice purple shade using L'Oreal's Infallible Perpetual Purple eye shadow. Then Dom said those fateful words "that's pretty... you're going to add some glitter to it right?"

LOL YUP... Glitter will be my ultimate undoing I swear. I know some glitters aren't tough enough to be used as nail polish glitter but truly I thought that I was good to go. Unfortunately the glitter I used looked pretty in the bottle but when I put it on my finger it just looked lumpy and unattractive. I thought well crap... it can't get worse so maybe I'll throw in some more glitter and see how that goes! Ahhh yeah... NO. It is too fine and did nothing but make the color look darker and weird. 

Oh well... I had a lot of fun and definitely have some ideas for my next attempt. I don't count today as a waste because I learned from the experience and for about the total cost being $5 I'll take that loss and go forward knowing that maybe my next attempt might be wearable!



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