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Friday, April 20, 2012

Wet n' Wild CHROME!! You're gonna need shades! (pic heavy)

Hi lovelies! So a couple days ago I happened upon a post by Nouveau Cheap talking about the new Limited Edition polish line from Wet n' Wild, called Chrome. Unfortunately, I haven't found too much else about the collection other than a couple posts by other blogs and random info about the Chrome eyeshadow line... So! Going on the limited info that I had I found my nearest and ONLY Rite Aid and snapped some up... here is my review of half the collection!

*screeching noise*

I know... you're saying to yourself "only half? but why?" I chose these 4 to buy first because I am a gut feeling kind of gal. That means that if I "feel" pulled toward something I listen to that and go with it. The 4 that I picked were a difficult selection but in the end it's my money and these suckers ain't the usual Wet n' Wild price tag. At $3.99 a bottle you'd think holy crap these are going to be huge bottles since their core collections range from 12ml to 14ml! I believe the per bottle costs of those collections retail between $.99 and $1.99 (I could be wrong but that's the range that I remember paying). Well... these little Limited Edition Chrome beauties are a scant 8.5ml and it looks teeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny! See my size comparison for a better visual.
L to R: Wet n' Wild Chrome - Hog-Quartz School, Essie - Play Date, China Glaze - Fault Line

Ok, so we've established they are 1. Limited Edition 2. Costly at $3.99ea 3. Small at 8.5ml and lastly....


Yup, I like 'em. I'm not a raving lunatic over them like I am over some polishes, namely glitters, but truly they are a lovely and lively addition to your collection in my opinion. Now, I did read on Dragon Lady Nails Blog that the "blues, and the pink looked like dupes of the Color Club foils (Lumin-icecent, Cold Metal, & Hot Like Lava)" with regards to the Wet n' Wild Chromes of said colors. I don't own those foils, nor have I ever seen them so just a little FYI from Dragon Lady Nails if you have said foils and are interested in the Chromes, look twice. Now, the description on the display says "The combination of mirror-like reflection and a textured finish fuse together to create a dynamic liquid metal effect!" I personally don't feel like these are really a chrome, I feel like they are a really heavy shimmer or maybe foil. When I think of chrome I think of Hot Rod bumpers and bling bling grills on cars... stuff you can SEE YOURSELF in lol.

Wet n' Wild - Hog-Quartz School (2 coats no undies) 

Wet n' Wild - I Got a New Com-pewter (2 coats no undies)

Wet n' Wild - Stay Outta My Bismuth (2 coats no undies)

Wet n' Wild - Steel the Spotlight (2 coats no undies)

Application wasn't too difficult, the brush is kind of fanned out some so that was either a great help at times or a hinderance. The 4 colors I swatched were opaque in 1 coat, however in all my photos I did 2 coats because I wanted a darker shade. They apply evenly and don't seem to pull much but I will say this- do not mess around! These seem to dry quickly and if you're a slow polisher you might as well just slap it on and resign yourself to some clean up later. I am not a slow polisher but I am definitely not a neat and fast one. I definitely had a few spots of clean up and the chromeyness sort of spreads like poison ivy. So be careful and be precise if you can. Just a couple "tips" from me lol.

Lastly... STAMPING!
Wet n' Wild Chrome Collection as a stamper with Bundle Monster Plate BM-208
Yes, these stamp... not amazingly well like the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colors, but I'm sure they could be very pretty on the right undie-mani. I used the 4 chromes (1 on each finger) on top of my new Revlon - Amethyst simply because I was wearing it and didn't feel like removing a fresh mani just to lay down a black to try to stamp lol. Sorry, I'm a lazy ass sometimes.

That's all folks! Hope you find these near you sometime soon! If you're in NEED and have no store near you... shoot me an email and we can try to work something out :)


  1. I need to track these down!! Love them...I hear ya on the $3.99 price tag each though-blah! I still cave on a few. ;)

    1. Yeah... the price is a little prohibitive especially for the size... I don't know why they thought that it'd be a good price point. Honestly $2.99 would be acceptable to me personally. I know a dollar might sound dumb but seriously it is a TINY bottle and even though it's opaque in one coat, that one coat just doesn't DO IT for me- so 2 coats is what I think most people will use. Anyways- I'm going on a rant lol. Hopefully you can find them easily enough- poor Rite Aids are getting fewer and farther between! Let me know if you need help acquiring! xo E.

  2. Replies
    1. Tell me about! I don't thinks its fair at all that E was able to get to a friggin' Rite Aid and I don't have one near me at all! A GOOD friends would have picked up some extras for her friend in OHIO!!!! BUT NOOOOOOO>>>>>she had decided to keep them all to herself! I see how it is! LOL

    2. Man- you're such an asshat! You know that if you truly want them I will go and get them and then MAIL them to you lol Whiner :P E.

  3. Omg you two are so funny. I stumbled onto your blog from a comment on Mary's blog. I haven't seen these and I have a billion Rite Aids near me. I do have the CC Foiled set so I probably wouldn't pick these up. I agree that at $3.99, they are kinda pricey for the amount you get. Having said all that, they are pretty.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed the post! Hopefully you'll come back often and enjoy more of our hijinks :) Do you think the colors are similar to the CC foils? xo E.


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