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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SpaRituals Gold Collection Part 2

It has been a while since my first post about the SpaRituals Gold Collection and I figured what better day to complete my review than on their official launch date!  The complete Gold Collection is available today, May 1, 2012!  They will be available in most salons and spas nationwide with a price tag of about $12 a bottle.  You can find them online at,, and amongst other beauty supply sites.

My previous review of the first three polishes in this collection was not the best.  I couldn't really tell if I was going to be a fan of this line or not.  However, I can say with confidence, after swatching the remaining three colors, that I am a fan of sorts.  I defiantly have my favorites and a few application issues but overall I have grown to really like the Gold Collection.

Last time I swatched Electrum, Rusted Lux and Aurum.  This time I got a chance to play with Conduit, Gilded Age and Alchemy.  All the pictures were taken indoors (I live in Ohio and the weather was not cooperating with me).  I put on three coats of each color and this time I didn't use a base coat.  I think this could have been the trick for me.  When I tried to paint over a base coat, I found it really hard and the grain of the polish just pulled the previous layer up.  I didn't have that problem this go round!  So, no undies for SpaRitual Gold Collection, naked is the way to go!

Gilded Age is a really pretty rose gold color and in the bottle it really glows.  It also painted really well and is a super quick drying polish.  I got three coats done and dry in no time.

w/ Flash, 3 coats
w/out Flash
I love the color difference between the flash photos and the ones without flash, it really shows how magnificent this color can be in different lighting.

Conduit is the most copper of the whole collection.  I think the gold in combination with the copper color makes for a really interesting and bold final look.  

w/ Flash, 3 coats 
w/out Flash

Finally, my favorite of the entire collection!  Alchemy is the "white" of the bunch.  It is a really pretty pearl white with the obvious gold undertone.  After three coats, I would wear this by itself.  I think it has some awesome possibilities for other things, especially with layering.

w/ Flash, 3 coats
w/out Flash

Overall, I am going to give the SpaRituals Gold Collection a B.  I love the concept and the colors, but the formula is not my favorite.  However, you know there's something fun and spectacular when you can say, "I have 24K nails today!" and really mean it!!

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