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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today was an epic day!! Why you might ask? Well I received my first ever Indie nail mail! While I've been an avid spectator in the war that is indie polish shopping, I finally entered the fray! About 2 weeks or so ago Dolly from Dollish Polish announced an opening time for her shop and I made it my mission to be ready and waiting. It felt like Black Friday waiting except without all the weirdos trying to slyly get in front of me. The anticipation was killing me but I was NOT going to miss this. Of course this particular shopping day caught me at a low fundage point so I knew I had to be decisive...
Such awesome packaging! Seriously bubble wrapped, in a bag then in a cute teal drawstring bag!
Now... lets be real here. Trying to pick between one of a kind works of art is like choosing a favorite child! It's impossible! All of them are amazing and for equally fantabulous reasons! I am a glitter-holic to the core. I have a seriously short attention span if anything shiny catches my eye... so truly how could I choose? But when that time came and a simple click refreshed and loaded an actual page front to her Etsy store with available product, I started furiously clicking. Would it be this one? That one? Oooh, what about... um. The decisions were so hard! I wanted them all, however I knew I couldn't have them all, nor was time on my side (remember there were tons of others anxiously refreshing too!).

How did I do it? I stopped, took a deep breath and decided I would go towards what pulled me. I am an 80's baby through and through so of course I felt pulled toward three of my all time favorite movies, The Breakfast Club "Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?", When Harry Met Sally "I'll have what she's having" and Ghostbusters "He slimed me!". Now, I know there are others I plan to buy but these were the ones that tugged at me. Not just because of their epic and aptly applied monikers but because they are amazing and beautiful! To round out my purchase I knew I needed (and I mean that literally!) the ridiculously blazing hot red sparkly beauty named "I wanna do bad things to you" which is from the TV show True Blood.

Well... then there's my epic fail.

After checking out and floating on a big fluffy cloud of elation and a goofy "Hail the conquering hero" playing in my head I went about my day. A week went by and I did a Skittles mani thinking about the amazing "Putting on the Ritz" from Dollish Polish that I had on it's way! *insert screeching noise* (wait for it... waaaaiiiittt for it...)

But I DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< WTF how could I have done that to myself?! I had forgotten the ONE polish I KNEW I wanted and had decided to get before the shop even opened. What did I tell you? I have the shortest attention span when something shiny shiny hits my eyes... and that was the iceberg that sunk my Titanic that day. So what now? Now the shop is closed while it is moved to a new (hopefully better for Dolly) shop. I'm literally stuck like chuck. Such an epic fail. I'm totally heartbroken too. At least I'll have my four other pretties to console me while I wait and hope for an opening to pick up Ritz.
aren't they PRETTY!!
Welp, stay tuned for my review... I would've written that first but tonight family time sort of sucked up swatching time lol.

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