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Monday, April 9, 2012

Revlon FLAKIES?! Whaaaat?? YAYNESS!!

So I am minding my own business this early morning and sort of floating around the interwebz... looking at some nail art tutorials, lusting after some Indie and Import polish... you know... a typical morning LOL where I STUMBLE onto a blog that has this little gem of an announcement. So I follow her link to the PRESS REVIEW. I am SOOO EXCITED!!! I can hardly contain myself! Seriously I am barely holding on by the skin of my teeth! (such a gross euphemism but it gets the point across!)
Photo courtesy of's Press Review

So! Tell one, tell all! Tell your friends, mother, father, brother- whomever! Shout it from the rooftops but seriously- pass the word because this is exciting!

Let me just go on to say WHY it is so exciting... 1. Revlon has been doing A LOT better with their formula, brushes and colors. 2. Flakies- GOOD flakies have been a little hard to find lately IMO. 3. Revlon is EASY TO FIND (usually lol see Whimsical). Therefore in conclusion I say this, I am excited that more people are going to get exposure to fun and easy nail art that never had that chance before!


  1. agh! yes!! now to wait till august...

    1. Oh man I know!! I really can't wait to see these! They look cute!!

  2. E is so good at finding all the up and comings! I swear I get a txt a few times a week frantically informing me of what she found out about the world of nail polish! Love it!


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