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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skittles and Stamping... eat them up YUM!

Last weekend I was practicing stamping with my new Bundle Monster stamping plates and accidentally did a somewhat cute mani lol. I say somewhat because I'm still learning and some of the stamps didn't quite come out as clear as I wanted. But ya live and learn and I'm determined to not only conquer this but find out which of my "regular" polishes are good for stamping!

L to R: Sally Hansen - White On, Revlon - Passionate Pink, Revlon - Rich Raspberry,  Essie - Play Date, Revlon - Coastal Surf, Sally Hansen - Lickety-Split Lime, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
Bottom Row: Konad Stamper, Bundle Monster Plate BM - 208 and Konad Scraper
First I put down 2 coats of Sally Hansen - White On as a base coat on both hands. Then I put the colors in the order that you see them in the photo for my Skittle color look. I don't believe there is any real order but I put the colors usually in some sort of gradient arrangement because I'm OCD lol.

So I stamped my left hand first with the stamp design at the top of the plate if you hold it so the number is at the bottom. I thought it looked cool but pretty much everyone I showed it to had a luke warm sort of "ehh it could be better" reaction. Oh well... sometimes what you like isn't the popular choice!


On my right hand I used the stamp design at the left if you hold it so the number is at the bottom. This hand is the hand that stamped crapily. Yup I said crapily lol. I don't know if it was my choice in design or my abilities or both but I was kinda bummed. Now, I will say that everyone I showed this to liked it a lot lol. So I guess there's no accounting for taste amongst my friends *wink*

I've been trying to make some healthier eating choices and cutting out candy has been one of the hardest choices. Not that I eat candy all the time or anything like that, but I have a couple that I just love. They are sort of just- part of my history? Does that make sense? Skittles are one of them, M & Ms of course, Now & Laters, Starburst, and then chocolate as a whole lol. I love color and am one of those weirdos that will separate things into color groups or make pictures with the colored candy. Dom used to give me so much hell when we worked together lol. Anyways, doing the Skittles manis are fun, cute and well, I guess you could say I'm still having my candy and none of the side effects!

 Hope you feel inspired to try your own Skittles mani or even check out some stamping- it is definitely a fun and creative way to show some individuality in your everyday look.

P.S. Can ya spot the big boo-boo in my stamping colors? lol


  1. I can!!! You switched the colors on the index and middle fingers! LOL Good one! I will say that your stamping skills have improved since this mani and for sure left mine in the dust a while ago! It's ok thought... we all have our strengths! Now, if I could just find mine! LOL

  2. Crapily?!? Oh, girl, you should see MY stamping! Ugh! I really want to be good at it and it is an epic fail every.time.I.try.

    I like how you did the mirror image on the other hand! It's neat! :)


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