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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! (pic heavy)

Yup! 32 years ago today, I was born. It was 1980 and everything that was colorful and awesome was in style lol (or at least that's how I choose to remember the 80's).

Me about 4 years old, 1984
 Damn I was cute!! They used to have this man that had a pony or sometimes fully grown horse outside the Kroger grocery store and for a few bucks you could get your photo taken on the horse in a lil costume etc. So I have a couple of these photos, but this one is one of my faves.

Me in elementary school, 1988
See, all these kids think that Neons and Polka dots and side braids are NEW lol. This is evidence that it is not... Now, whether I looked good in said outfit.... eh? I didn't choose this get-up I totally lay blame at my mom's feet... unless you think it looks cute and to that I would say, Of course I chose it- even at 8 I was fashion forward! ;)

Marching Warriors 1999
 Yup, Band Geek all the way, I spent from 5th grade until HS Graduation playing in all the school and sometimes 4-H bands I could find. I love music, it colors my soul and is the beat of my heart.

Last day of HS, 1999
A pic of my longtime friend, Nick, and I playing the game Guesstures. We dominated lol. I'm sure there's that one or if you're lucky- more people in your life that just know you like they know themselves. Nick was a great friend and is a great man.

Me with my brand new daughter, Serena in 2000
I left my dreams of Cosmetology school behind and became a mom and joined the workforce. A choice I've never regretted. Serena just had her 12th birthday and is becoming quite the individual. I never imagined I could love someone as much as I do her. She's the best daughter I could have ever hoped for and more. I look forward to seeing the rest of her life unfold.

Serena on her 1st Birthday

Serena being adorable at 2

Serena after having an iced brownie at 3

Serena 12, after getting blue in her hair :)

Serena is such a ham. I have SO MANY pictures of her it is probably criminal lol. She always posed and made the cutest faces, how could I not capture her on film? Unfortunately I didn't go digital until she was about 6 or 7 so most of my photos are on film, but these were a few gems I thought would be fun to share.

Jessie or awesome and opinionated Kitty Cat, she's about 6 now

My 25th Birthday with 2 of my oldest and best friends, Cookie & Nick
Cookie & I
Cookie and I met at work when I was pregnant with Serena. She says she decided she wanted to be my friend as soon as she saw me. I laugh when she says that because thinking back then I didn't want to be anybody's friend. When you're trying to make a life and support yourself and a coming baby at 19 the world doesn't look kindly at you, no matter how hard a worker you are. I will forever be grateful for her strength and determination because she's been one of the best friends that I could've ever hoped to have. She is and always will be my sister and my family.

My back tattoo fresh in 2006
This was a tattoo that I envisioned since I was about 12 years old. I thought a very long time about it and it has deeply personal meaning to me, so when I had the cash saved up, I searched and searched for the right artist to bring my vision to reality. I still love to look at it to this day. Currently I have 5 tattoos and more planned with 1 specifically being done in the very very near future. I also have lots and lots of ear piercings and a stud on the side of my lip.

Dom & I at MDA Camp in 2006
Dom and I met at work and became thick as thieves pretty quickly. With a shared love of music, art and our kids being close in age... well lets just say many a days and weekends were spent together laughing like loons and finding fun stuff for our families to do together. I won't bore you too much since there is a bit about us on our "about us" page and the fun couple of videos you can see HERE.

Serena & I at a farm on Halloween in 2009

We moved shortly after this from Ohio to Georgia... and this is the rest of my story... to date :)

Tiffany & I goofin off at work
Shortly after moving I found a job, albeit a crappy one and quickly made friends with Tiffany. We've been thick as thieves for 3 years now and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She's one of the few that I know will always be there, tell me when I'm wrong when I need to hear it or even if I don't and always be honest. 

In 2010 I met my now husband, Chris
Not too long after moving to Georgia I met Chris. He was funny, goofy, easy going, an amazing cook and just generally a great guy. We knew right away that we liked each other and spent as much time as possible together between deployments. He is a Sailor with the US Navy, specifically a submariner. He loves his job, I love him... so we are now a Navy/Military family. It isn't an easy life, but when you love someone and work together like a well oiled machine, anything is possible. 

Chris & I at Medieval Times

In February of 2011 we happily welcomed our son, Alexander, into the family. Serena loves her new baby brother and every day I enjoy the smiles, laughter and fun that is our life together. 

Alexander the day he was born!
Chris is hilarious, anything stinky to do with the baby he has to cover his nose!
Alex at about 5 months old after eating banana baby food... huh-larious!
Alex and Auntie Cookie on his 1st Birthday
My lil witch and dragon! What a pair they are!!  Halloween 2011

Homecoming for Daddy! This is my lovely family!


My grandfather & I
This year was a great year especially all the fun watching my children grow. As I take this time to reflect and enjoy my birthday I feel so fortunate to have the life that I do. We all have a path to walk and truly I am appreciative of the one I am walking with the friends and family beside me. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to one of the greatest men I've ever known, my grandfather. He passed away in February this year and it was truly the saddest day of my life. The hole that is left where his presence used to be will never be filled but maybe in time it might not feel so empty. He taught me how to be a great person, treat others with respect and be a shrewd and fair business person. Today, I celebrate my life and remember his as well, ten days ago he would've been 77.

Thank you for taking this walk with me. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my crazy photos and sharing in my life. I feel privileged that I get to share this with such awesome people like you.


  1. Have a great birthday!
    I really enjoyed this post and getting to know you better. :)

    1. Thanks Sandra!! I was hoping it'd be fun to see some old pics and stuff, glad you enjoyed it :) xo E

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day! Loved the pics of you as a kid (I was born in '79, so our styles were very similar back then ;-) Your babes are such cuties too! Hope your day is awesome <3

    1. Yeah- notice I didn't post TOO MANY kid pics? :D hee hee I have a couple real doosies from elementary school- including an awful full head bang that sort of gave me a mullet... yup. I stopped letting my mom cut my hair after that. spiteful ass woman! Yeah the kids got the best of my genes! :D xo E

  3. Serena looks so much like you it's adorable!!! Thanks for sharing, you've got such a lovely smile-filled life to be grateful for -- I hope it all wraps around you today and overloads you with love.

    1. I love you man... nobody thinks she looks like me! So thanks loads- now I can show people this comment and tell them to shove it lol she DOES look like me :D hahaha. Yeah, life is amazing the ups and downs but seriously where I started to where I am now and headed? All love. xo E.

  4. You know that I love you and I am so happy that we are able to share so much with each other even though you are 500 miles away! I hope your day was awesome! This post is great BTW! I love all the pics and I must say that I took a great pic of Alex on his first bday! The only thing that sucks is that my post for tomorrow is going to pail in comparison to this one!
    Love you mama and again... Happy 32!

    1. LOL Actually we are 800 miles away but eh? those extra 300 aren't a big deal ;) Love you do Jimmy Dean, our ups and downs all of everything has been for the better because we grew together as a family not just friends :) p.s. that was the wrong PAIL aaahahahahaha it should've been PALE :P still love me? E.

  5. Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes!! Yesterday was an awesome day and one of the best birthdays ever to date!! All month long my husband, Chris, has given me birthday gifts- including a lot of my new nail art stuff- and yesterday he and Serena actually spent time looking at boxes that could hold my almost 200 nail polish collection and nail art tools etc! Oh and they found 2 more SH Insta-Dris for me to stamp with :D all of it made me smile and love them just that much more. Last year I gained our son and an iPad, this year- they really thought about it and while I love any gift these mean so much more. Then everyone got dressed up and went out to dinner at Carraba's and had way too much good food! I even for the first time ever wore lipstick in public on purpose, while NOT in a Halloween costume! :D Apparently Chris liked it because his shocked face when I came out of the bedroom was priceless! I feel great, I have a great life and every day is a holiday for which to celebrate! xo E


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