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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wet n Wild... Getting the Kids Involved!

My youngest son, Savion, is so funny when I am in polish mode.  He really tries to be as involved as possible even though I know that he could care less.  He still wants to spend time with mommy and if that means pretending to be interested in polish colors and nail art, then he will do it.  At ten years old, soon to be eleven, I really can't complain about his wanting to spend time with me because it will soon change I know!  

Savion single handedly picked out the colors and pattern for this mani.   I love my boy and he didn't do to bad a job on the colors!  Wet n Wild megalast line of colors is fast becoming one of my favs.  The formula is awesome and most times it is a one and done polish.  The brushes are great and make for a really easy and clean cuticle line.

The color combo that Savion chose was Club Havana and I Need a Refresh-Mint!  GOOD JOB SAV!  I wasn't so sure at first but once I had these colors on I realized that they perfectly complimented one another!

I hope you like it!

Both of these shots were taken with 
flash and one coat of each polish plus a base and top coat.

Don't these colors look great together?  


  1. He did do a great job!! I love these 2 together! So cute that he wants to help.

  2. He's got a great eye, these look great. :)

  3. Ladies... thank you for the comments and yes, my boy did good! LOL I may let him pick out more colors for me soon! LOL


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