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Monday, May 21, 2012

Half Moon *attempt* mani

I've seen this particular effect a lot lately and while I've always had mixed feelings about it I figured eh why not try it! It might grow on me right? Well I had somewhere to be and I wanted to go with something cute on my nails. So I figured I'd give the half moon a shot...

            Items you'll need:

  • Two (or more) polish shades
  • reinforcement dots ($1 a pack at Wally's)
  • Base/Top coats of course
  • Q-tips/brush and polish remover for clean up

Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac

Step 1: paint your nails in the color you'd like the lower part up against your nail base. Mine was Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac. A really beautiful color IRL that did not translate in my photos, sorry. Apply top coat and let dry like normal.

Step 2: Once your nails are dry, stick the reinforcement tabs on where you'd like to block the second polish from going. The less of the tab on your nail the more shallow your "moon" will be. 

**Important** If you're familiar with the tape mani you know that I advise to first stick the tape on your palm to remove a little bit of the stickiness. In THIS particular mani- the half moon mani- do NOT stick the reinforcement tabs on anything but your nails. If you do you'll find that they don't stick and you end up with blurred lines or blobs of paint where you don't want blobs of paint. 

NARS - Koliary

Step 3: Take your second color and paint the rest of your exposed nail. Being slow and methodical be sure to check that the reinforcement tabs are indeed still crisply stuck to your nail and in the edges. If you look at my thumb you can see where there is a blob/non crisp line? Yeah... that's what happens when the tab isn't stuck securely to your nail lol.

Step 4: remove tabs while polish is still wet and polish with top coat... enjoy!

Honestly, my jury is still out on this mani. I had some application issues and just generally felt like I looked silly. I loved these two colors together though. Let me know what you think!!


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