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Thursday, May 10, 2012

NAIL MAIL!! May's Julep Maven & Target Beauty Bag!

Hello hello hello! Sorry this post is so out dated and past due but I felt like maybe someone might still enjoy seeing it so on with the show!

May the FOURTH be with you!!! 

Yes I am a geek and proud of it! Love today, it's so corny but who cares!! Life is too short NOT to be silly in my opinion! (obviously NOT May 4th anymore but still cute :D )

I received my May "It Girl" Julep Maven subscription box came a couple days ago. Sorry I didn't post it sooner but I've been busy with Deployment stuff for my husband.

This box I wasn't that excited about initially so I actually meant to skip, but like quite a few things lately it was forgotten until I received the notification that it would be arriving soon! Imagine my face- yup... totally gobsmacked. Then of course there was the requisite look of argh from my husband.

May Julep Maven "It Girl" box L to R: Make up bag, Ashley, Nessa, and the magnetic polish, Kylie (with magnet in back by card)

At any rate... this box held a cute little black make up bag with the Julep Maven insignia sort of pressed or quilted into the fabric and three polishes. The Julep Maven subscription box is $19.99/mo, according to the website you'll receive at least $40 worth of product in your box. Each bottle of nail polish is $14ea, except for Kylie and she is $18, so the total for my polish alone is $46 plus the make up bag which retails $18 but is marked down on the site to $14.40 currently. So for the month of May my product retail cost is $60.40 if I would've bought it all without a subscription. Not too shabby!! I really like the colors this month, they're very shimmery and fun for a day out and about in the lovely spring weather.

L to R: Ashley, Nessa & Kylie with magnetic key

Index to Pinky: Ashley, Ashley, Nessa, Nessa

The magnetic Kylie is cute and a very nice shimmery and dusky lavender. The magnetic effect that I got was a sort of squiggle.

Kylie magnetic polish

I wanted to show you guys how pretty it can be as just a regular ol' polish, so my index and middle finger are not "magnetized" but my ring and pinky are. I can see this color being a nice "business" color for those that have dress code constraints.

Overall I still love the formula of the Julep polishes but for some reason this month's polishes had weird, bushy and slightly flared brushes. I checked my other Julep colors and none of them had this style of brush... so I don't know whether I should exchange them or keep them and deal with the weirdness. Unfortunately this wider brush is NOT helpful for a clean application lol I had a lot of clean up to do.

You too can try Julep Maven subscription service and if you use the code SHAREONMAY you'll receive your first box for $0.01! Yup ONE CENT! Follow the link, click join and go through the style quiz. Whether you like the results or not you can choose the box that you'd like. I honestly got a different style than the "It Girl" I receive every month but I liked the colors that are coming from that box so I chose that and started my service. However, you can change to a different box if you see something previewed in the boxes that you'd like better than the style you're signed up for... just go through the account options and click around... Any questions feel free to ask!!

Target Spring Beauty Bag!

So for those of you that weren't able to get in on the free sample beauty bag, here's a peek at what was inside! Hopefully next time they offer the beauty bag you'll be able to jump on it!

Target Beauty Bag 2012
peeky peeky inside!

L to R: Pantene Conditioner, Neutrogena Visibly Bright facial cleanser, Simple cleansing facial wipes,
L'Oreal Magin Lumi Light Infusing Primer, Nivea lotion
And the most important part of the beauty bag in my opinion.... THE COUPON BOOK!!!

$2 off with purchase of two CoverGirl items
$1 off Jergens skin care item
$1 off L'Oreal face cosmetic item (foundation or primer)
$1 off Maybelline NY Volum' Express Falsies mascara
$1 off Neutrogena facial skin care item
$3 off Nexxus Frizz Defy hair care item
$1 off Nivea body skin care item
$2 off Olay facial skin care item (moisturizer, treatment or cleanser)
$1 off with purchase of two hair care items (Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Aussie)
$2 off Pixi designer cosmetics item
$2 off Revlon cosmetics item
$1 off Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish
$1 off Simple facial skin care item

There you have it! The bag was definitely fun to get and the coupon book makes my lil heart go beep beep beep lol. All coupons are good until 5/31/2012 fyi. So if you know anyone that doesn't want there beauty bag- snap that mofo up!

Happy hunting!

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