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Friday, May 18, 2012

Studio M Skittles Style

Why is the Meijer store so close to my house???  My husband has been asking the same question, I am sure!  I mean, it just sits on the corner full of nail polish... needless to say, we HAD to run to Meijer the other night for some random non-essentials.  I left the store with a few "absolute-essentials" in perfect little bottles!

A Studio M display full of amazingly bright colors caught my eye on the way out of the store and I had to grab a few!  So I picked up Orange Sunset, Psychedelic Scene, Neon Caution, Glitter Envy and Energy Star.  I don't know about anyone else but, when I get home with new polish I cannot wait to try it all on.  The lighting in the store is never quite right!

So, I did exactly that!  I tried on all of the polish at once and it ended up being a pretty cute mani of sorts.  The Studio M polish line is really growing on me the more I use it!  The formulas are great and there is really no streaking issues at all.  Most of the colors that I have picked so far have been a one and done.  This shopping trip was a bit different because I ended up with several neons.  Neons are known for being thin and needing some sort of underwear to make the color pop fully.

With this mani THERE IS NO WHITE BASE!  Yes that's right.  These neons did not need a white base coat!  I did paint three coats with these for full coverage but I think they stayed really true to color on there own!  LOVE THEM!

So here it is... my Skittles Style Neon Mani!  All Studio M Nail Lacquer in order from thumb to pinky: Energy Star, Glitter Envy, Neon Caution, Psychedelic Scene and Orange Sunset!

Base + 3 coats of each polish + Northern Lights Top Coat + Flash 
Base + 3 coats of each polish + Northern Lights Top Coat + Flash

P.S. Glitter Envy is really awesome in person and has a bit of a Floam like texture.  The glitter in it appears almost white!  

I hope you like it!  Let me know what you think. 

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