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Friday, May 11, 2012

Studio M... and the "M" is for Magnificent!!!

I recently posted an entry on my musings page about the infamous drugstore polish push and how I have fallen for these inexpensive alternatives to the high-end, high price tag polish lines.  One of the polish lines that I mentioned in that post is Studio M Nail Lacquer, available at Meijer Stores.  This polish was a accidental find on one of my many grocery shopping trips a couple of weeks ago and I have been back at least once since then to take a better look and grab a few more bottles.  At $2.99 a bottle, it is hardly a "break the bank" kind of polish and I love that!

The first two colors that caught my eye from this brand were Punked & Lust.  First of all, the names are amazing and I am a sucker for a polish with a good name!  LOL!  Punked is a really pretty matte fuchsia pink, well that is what you think when you look at the bottle!  Lust appears to be a violet shimmer and for the most part it is but both of the colors are a huge surprise in a bottle.

Let's start with Lust... I took so many pictures of this polish and every time I got something new!  The formula is a dream to apply was a nearly one and done application.  I did use a second coat just to fill in some spots but, I am not sure if that was polish issue or an application issue.  However, with the second coat, the polish was even steven and so juicy looking!  OMG!  I cannot get over what I got for such a great price!

And now,  some awesome pics!

No flash, under lamp!
Light from the window!


Full sunlight!
Full sunlight!

Ok, I know what you are thinking and I promise you that these are the same color. I used a base coat with two coats of polish and a quick dry top coat.  I love this!  It reminds me of flip flop paint!  Depending on the lighting the color really shifts dramatically.  This polish gets a big WOOOOOOHOOOOOO from me!

Now for Punked.  I didn't get as many good shots of this polish but believe me when I say, I loved this polish just as much as Lust.  Again, this polish went on like a dream and was, actually, a one and done.  It  had a super quick dry time and dried to a matte finish!  AMAZING!!  The color difference is pretty dramatic between the natural light shot and the flash shot.  To me that is what is so awesome.  I am sorry for the lack of a full sunlight shots, I live in Ohio and the weather is so unpredictable!  LOL  

Natural light, indoors

So, check out that color variation!  Makes me happy to look at!  LOL!  I did not get to check this one out in full sunlight but I will be wearing this again soon enough.  It really is a what I would call a year round polish.  It is bright and fun for summer but could really look awesome as a pop of color with a nice winter outfit.  The matte look is not for everyone but I love it.  When I called E about his polish all I could do to explain the sheen is say, "it so velvety!"  And it was!  For this mani I used a base coat but no top coat.  

I think it is safe to say that I love Studio M Nail Lacquer and I give these two a solid A!  Great formula, easy application and the final look is amazing!  

I hope you like it!  Let me know what you think.  (I think I may have set the record for how many exclamation points can be used in one post!  Hahahahahahaha!  I win!)

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