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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Color blocking with Red & Silver!

I've been in a red mood lately and my husband was in an "anything but" red mood. So being the loving wife I am, for his last weekend home I wore the ManGlaze - Santorum that he helped me win on their facebook Wheel of Fortune game a week or so ago. I love it, it's very pretty,  but honestly brown is NOT a summer color for me lol. So once I said goodbye to my love, I also said goodbye to that lovely deep brown shade of Santorum. Saying hello to a lovely red and silver funky mani.

I used Essie - Forever Yummy first and just decided different blocking for each nail. In my opinion, Essie - Forever Yummy is a lovely red that is just a shade darker than what I consider to be the iconic red- you know the one, bright and sexy? So when I saw Forever Yummy I knew it needed to be mine as I am a huge fan of reds but especially those iconic/vampy reds. Next I filled in the areas left open with Nicole by OPI - Give Me the 1st Dance. Now this silver is not your average silver. It dries super fast, covers in pretty much one-ish coat and dries in such a way it almost looks like a sticker or something solid- not previously a liquid... does that make sense? Either way I loved it and plan to do some more with it!

What I used L to R: Sinful Colors Liner - Time Off, Nicole by OPI -  Give Me the 1st Dance, Essie - Forever Yummy

Lastly, I used my Sinful Colors - Time Off (black) striper to line the edge between the red and silver to give just a bit more finished look to the mani.

This seriously took almost no time at all... it took so little time to do that I forgot to take a couple in progress shots, sorry.

I loved this mani and will be rockin it on through the night! And if you're reading this thinking how difficult it must be to do and how you can't possibly do it because it might be too different or too far above your ability... STOP right there. Don't be afraid to be different- remember you are an individual and letting that shine through is just as important as anything else! Believe me when I say it isn't difficult. All it takes is some patience and a willingness to get dirty and try, try again!


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