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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Polka dot dreams with Cult Nails Feel Me Up

In the three months that I've even bothered to keep track of my lemmings I am already feeling like I'll never acquire them all. But! I will say this... I have always heard good things about Cult Nails and after my first visit to their webpage I knew I needed to join the Cult! 

My chance was finally here when Cult Nails had a replay of the $5 sale that was originally a promotion/thank you from them reaching five thousand Facebook fans a little while back. Congrats again! What an accomplishment and endorsement of your product, wow!! 

I saw that they were going to include colors that sold out the first time and while some of the Cult Nails colors that I've been lusting after are either discontinued or haven't made it back into stock, I still had plenty of lovelies to choose from! 

I must say that originally Feel Me Up wasn't on my list to buy. I mean, I am always in search of my perfect yellow and I've been wrong before so I figured eh, maybe another day. But then a day or two before the sale I happened to be on my Instagram scrolling through the feed when I saw MartaWarmuz's Instagram picture of her mani with Feel Me Up. I knew instantly that I needed this yellow... and that it might just be THE ONE! 

Let me just say... I was NOT disappointed with my last minute addition! The formula is amazing, it cleans up easily, dries quickly and does so with a beautiful ultra shiny gloss finish.

Now, for those of you that are yellow enthusiasts you know they are usually streaky or require 4 million coats... NOT THIS BABY!! As you can see in my photo I did three coats. Honestly, it was fine in 2, but the 2nd coat for me had a couple tiny spots of bleh and that was most likely due to my crappy painting skills. So yeah, a 2 coat opaque yellow... I'm dreaming right? Somebody smack me, quick!

While I loved, loved, loooooved this yellow, I had horrible insomnia and was convinced that maybe I should do something on it... ya know since I wasn't doing anything else. The problem with a beautiful polish is that sometimes the beauty alone makes it nearly impossible to choose something that will accompany it in such a way that they don't compete. 

L to R: Julep - Anne, piCture pOlish - Abyss, Revlon - Passionate Pink, Cult Nails - Feel Me Up
baby food jar lid palette and MASH dotting tools

I sat contemplating for at least half an hour. I pulled out nearly a dozen different polishes for at least a dozen different ideas. I just couldn't get the feeling of rightness until I looked at my dotting tools... BAM! Epiphany... random polka dots!

I hope you enjoyed my bright and cheery insomnia driven polka dot mani! 


Has insomnia driven any of you to do something crazy? I know this isn't my first time...


  1. I love this!! I need Feel Me Up!

    1. Thanks MB! You really should get it, I promise you'll like it. The color is really really great and honestly even if it took a few extra coats the super awesome formula is worth it to me at least lol. thanks for stopping by :) xo E

  2. Thank you SO much for the shout out! You are so sweet AND this yellow looks SUPERB on you!!!!
    The dots are a lovely touch. This yellow does call for a fun touch doesn't it!
    Welcome to the cult...

    1. Oh man- no thank you for your inspiration!! I've been searching for a yellow like this for a zillion years- seriously lol. Yeah- those damn dots really stole the show! I really didn't think they'd turn out so great but I'm pretty darn pleased with mah-self!! And super duper thanks for stopping by!! xo E

  3. great mani.please visit my blog end subscribe and i do the same on yours.let's follow us.

    1. Adina thanks for stopping by :) we joined your GFC and I tried to leave a comment on one of your really awesome mani pics but the captcha comment security thing is preventing me from commenting. Anyways, thanks for sharing your blog and we'll definitely be checking it out some more! xo E


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