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Friday, June 22, 2012

Venique is quite unique! Polish review and swatches...


Hey there!! Been a while, I know. I apologize for the lack of new posts lately,  E and I have been dealing with regular life and all of it's ups and downs.  One of those crazy life things is that I started a new job! Still working on managing my time to allow for everything though and time management is not one of my strong suits!  I will do better, I promise!  
Indoor no Flash
Moving on, I am happy to tell all of you about a new lacquer I recently found and am in love with!  Venique Nail Lacquer is a newer polish line that was designed with natural nails in mind.  (Hey, that rhymed!  I'm a poet and didn't know it!) At this time Venique is a salon only line. Meaning it is only sold to professionals at this time.  Hopefully, one day soon it will be available to the everyday nail enthusiasts.  I was able to get my hands on a few from a friend that's a nail tech though, and I plan on asking her to grab me a few more very soon.  

What makes this polish so unique?  The formula!  According to the CosmoProf website, each and every Venique polish contains Sil-Tek.  Sil-Tek is a silicone-based ingredient that allows for flexibility within the polish.  With this added flexibility, your nails are guarded against chipping and flaking!!! Natural nails expand and contract when they get wet and then dry and the Sil-Tek technology accommodates these natural variations.  If that is not amazing enough the Venique top coat contains all of these same properties with the added benefit of diamond dust for a crazy shine that lasts.  If it gets dull you can just buff it a bit and, voila, your nails are shining like new!  One last benefit of the Venique nail lacquer line... it's a one and done! Whaaa?! Yes, one. and. done. Because each of the colors are created to be a one coat full coverage polish you not only save time and money, but polish too!!  

On to the color of the day!  I have five colors from this line and the first color I wanted to share is Full-On Brogue.  This color is amazing!  E is not really a fan of browns and nudes but I love them!  Full-On Brogue is a super pretty taupe brown.  Really easy application and certainly a one and done!  LOVE IT!!

Now, without further adieu, Full-On Brogue!


This polish is amazing! I can honestly say that I wore this color for a couple of days, did some pretty heavy cleaning along with day to day stuff... all without the polish chipping! Venique hit the mark with their polish line!  I love all the colors and will be getting as many as I can!



  1. I have to agree that this color is nice... and Dom is totally right I am NOT a nude/beige whatever polish wearer/liker lol. I honestly feel like what's the point? I will say this though, on others they can be very pretty but not on me. On Dom this color is really nice and classy looking! xo E


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