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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dolly Does Polish, Reviews and Swatches *pic heavy*

I posted on my first indie nail mail from Dollish Polish not too long ago. I have finally swatched the colors that I received from the Dolly Does Polish Collection!  I can honestly say that I love each one!  When the collection initially came out I picked the polish that I wanted by the names that jumped out at me and now I am sad that I didn't purchase them all!

I was so excited to get these colors and make Dollish Polish my first indie purchase ever.  The colors that I chose were Dining at the Pink Taco, A Bad Case of Blue Balls and Baby Gravy!  Yes you read that right!  I personally was most excited about Baby Gravy... I mean really, Baby Gravy!!!  Amazingness!

From the Dolly Does Polish Collection
Dining at the Pink Taco is a super pretty frosted rose. I used a Sally Hansen base coat and the first coat of polish was a little tricky.  It dragged a bit while painting and dried super quick. I do love the Sally Hansen Base but, it is a bit thick, so I think the issue was that base with this polish.  No worries though, with the second coat everything evened out and painted smoothly.  The color is beautiful and the frost makes it really special.  All the photos of Pink Taco were taken after one coat of base and two coats of polish.

Pink Taco in natural light!
Pink Taco in the sun!
Pink Taco in the sun!
A Bad Case of Blue Balls is an amazing royal marine blue shimmer. It is seriously one of the prettiest blues I've ever seen!! I did not have the same issues with the first coat of Blue Balls as Dining at the Pink Taco and I used the same base coat.  So who knows, maybe it's operator error!

Blue Balls in natural light! 
Blue Balls in the sun!
Blue Balls in the sun!  
Prepare yourselves ladies (and gents) for a super suspect sentence!  Baby Gravy is my favorite name in the collection and it really is a beautiful milky white shimmer!  Hehehehe... I said Baby Gravy and milky white in the same sentence.  LOL!!! Starting with my pinky I did a progression of the color with multiple coats.  I love this color and depending on how opaque you want it, this shade has a LOT of versatility in it. Also, I didn't use a base coat with Baby Gravy.

Baby Gravy in natural light!
Baby Gravy with low flash! 
Baby Gravy in the sun!
So there ya have it!  Dolly Does Polish and she does it well!  I love the colors and all in all the application was great.  I will be watching Dolly's site for a restock on a couple of the colors that I didn't pick up the first time most definitely because let's face it - these polishes are seriously one of a kind and stunning too!  I hope you love these as much as I do!


  1. Oooh Blue Balls is gorgeous. I did check these out but didn't end up ordering due to slight guilty feelings at spending waayy too much on polish lately....but now I have lemmings:( sigh. Your nails of lovely btw!

    1. I totally understand!!!!! I get what I can when I can but, there are those certain ones that cause me to over extend a bit. This was one of those times, for sure!
      ~Dom :o


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