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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drool Worthy Ozotic Layer

I have fallen in love!!!  Yes that's right... I have been having an affair with polish and I do believe that I have met my match!  I can honestly say that I pride myself on the fact that I don't lust after much!  But, boy oh boy, when I first went on the web and saw some swatches of the Ozotic 500 series polishes I think I actually drooled!  Yes... I totally drooled and now that I have a couple in my collection, I know exactly why!!!

As I am sure that you know, the Ozotic 500 series polishes are being discontinued!  Grrrrrrrr... If I could buy multiples of each color, I totally would!  I am confident that I have at least purchased my personal must haves!  There is still some stock out there, so if these have yet to find their way into your collection, get online and grab a few while you can.  I purchased mine at and the owner operator, Kim, was awesome and I had my choices within a week of ordering them.

This past weekend most of my Sunday was spent swatching. Although I love polish and painting my nails, I must admit that swatching is not my favorite thing in the world to do!  I have a hard time with the removal!  LOL!  Let's keep it real, I buy polish that I like.  I buy polish that I really want to wear out.  I buy polish with the goal of sharing it not only with the readers but people on the street.  So, for some reason I just feel bad polishing, taking shots, removing and then moving onto the next one!  E always laughs at me!  The entire time I was swatching, I knew in the back of my mind that the last mani I did was going to be the one for the night.  I was going out and I am always mindful of what I have on my nails.  People see it and like it, then I network my little butt off!  Hahahahahahaha!
Here is what I chose...
Finger Paints Inkblot Blue & Ozotic 515

I picked up Finger Paints Inkblot Blue last week and was inspired when I saw it next to the Ozotic 515.  I started with the Finger Paints Base Coat and one coat of Inkblot Blue.  I only used one coat because I knew I was going to do the layering.  I am sure that with two coats of this polish you will have full opacity.  Inkblot Blue painted really well and dried pretty fast.  Love it!

Finger Paints Base Coat w/ 1coat of Inkblot Blue 
Finger Paints Base Coat w/ 1coat of Inkblot Blue
With one coat of Ozotic 515, I had the most awesome mani ever!  Ozotic 515 polished like a dream and, unlike some of the other holos that I have, it gave great coverage with one coat.  It dried really nicely and did not need a top coat.  I still have this mani on and have no tip wear or chipping!  And yes, it made me drool again! I may have even danced around the house a bit!  

1Coat of Ozotic 515 w/ flash
w/ flash
This polish is nuts!!!  Under the club lights it glowed and just like I thought, people loved it!  Tell me what do you think?  Do you have any of the 500 series in your collection?  Which ones are your favorites?


  1. This combo is killer!! I don't own any Ozotics because I keep talking myself out of them but-damn! This is awesome :)

    1. Girl...stop the crazy and buy at least one! I really had to justify the cost but seriously it is totally worth it! They are showstoppers for sure!

  2. DAMN! That is hot, I'm so glad I grabbed 515!

    1. I know that's right! If I had the $ I would grab more!!! Or.... You could always come up with Dolly version and I can grab it then!!!!! LOL!!! Hmmmmmm...
      ~Dom :P


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