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Thursday, June 7, 2012

In the Navy... a piCture pOlish welcome home for my Sailor!

I wrote a post about how much deployments suck a monthish or so ago... Well my husband got to come home for 3 days before they left again! Yay for seeing him after a very long month!

I knew I wanted my nails to look lovely for his short visit but the anxiety of "what do I choose?!!!" quickly paralyzed me into that state of nothing is good enough. On top of that, my husband is one of those types that likes dark colors, especially blues. I really love dark colors too but honestly it's bright and sunny here! I wanted to use my awesome new Orly Neons or some other bright pretty color! So of course I came up with a fat lot of nada at first...

Then I decided to just go ahead and give him what I know he'd like the most... a navy blue. And blues? I have blues... tons of beautiful hues too! Light blue, dark blue, royal blue... you name it blue! Except I couldn't think of any great design ideas.

piCture pOlish - Abyss

Until I spotted my brand spankin' new bottle of Abyss by piCture pOlish! Seriously this blue is the best. It's a lovely dark and deep navy blue jelly. The formula is really great and clean up is lovely- almost no staining (if you're a lover of blues you know that occasional staining is a common and unfortunate hazard)! Yup! A lovely deep navy blue for my Sailor... how original right? Yeah... I was less than wowed at this point too. The only upside was getting to use my new polish, until...

I started applying and wow! This color is something special. I mean really really special! I felt like I was looking into the ocean at night while I put Abyss on. It was almost hypnotic! Again, the formula is awesome and could've been done in one coat but I wanted to make sure it was extra deep so I used two. Now, this baby dries with a HIGH SHINE seriously... high shine. I almost didn't put on my normal top coat, Seche Vite. Almost... but then I thought about any possible chipping or weird wear so I put it on just to be safe. Of course SV has crazy shine too so these babies were glossy! I loved it. LOVED IT I tell you!!

piCture pOlish - Abyss (2 coats, no undies)
So sorry for slight blurriness, I didn't realize it was blurry until it was too late! :( 

Enough that I almost didn't add any nail art. Almost...  I looked to my right and there lay my beloved dotting tools... I looked to my left and there sat my huge box of glitters and stripers... Oh the pain of choosing just one! LOL ok ok... so I started the process all over. Pulled out some glitters, rejected them. Looked at other colors to do polka dots (LOVE THEM!) put them all back. Then I spied my lil stripers just sitting so quietly off to the side. I first thought lines? nah. Abstract design? nah. Then inspiration hit me on the head...


An Instagram picture of my mani (follow me! @enjeliq)

I chose white for a stronger, more defined contrast but in hindsight I should've gone over top of the white with my gold striper... the US Navy colors are Navy Blue and Gold. Oh well lol ya win some, ya lose some. I also made the choice to only put it on my accent ring finger as well as only my left hand. I thought it was cuter... because I'm married to a Sailor! I know, corny lol.


P.S. my husband LOVED my mani and said he felt really special that I did that just for him even though he was on such a short visit home. (well duh of course!) <3 he's so awesome!

Sadly, this shade was part of the "goodbye colors" from last monthish. So glad I was able to get a bottle, so sad I didn't get 2!

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