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Friday, June 8, 2012

L.A. Girl Magnetic Polish!! Review & Swatches

I really like the magnetic craze that is going on right now.  I have magnetics from a few different makers and recently came across a super affordable magnetic that I couldn't wait to try.  L.A. Girl Magnetics caught my eye on a trip to my local Drug Mart.  They are beautiful colors and less than $5 each, which was a nice added selling point for me.

The magnetic trend was a bit over my head when I first came across it a while ago.  It seemed kind of limiting to me.  Here is the color, hover the magnet over it and done!  Just kind of blah.  However, I am now eating my words.  People are doing a ton with these magnetic polishes.  I will also say that the formula for magnetics in general, aside from the treatment, is nuts!  Super opaque in one coat and dry time is really nice.

So, L.A. Girl magnetics are really no different in terms of formula.  They are a really sweet velvety frost that I would wear alone!  When I saw them in the store I noticed that there were four different magnets and that is how I chose my colors.  Obviously, the magnets are interchangeable but I thought switching them around may have been frowned upon in the store!  LOL!  So here is what I chose!

L.A. Girl Magnetic
L to R: Electrostatic, Attract, Magnetic Field and Magnetized 
L to R: 3 straight lines, 4 chevrons, bullseye, asterisk/star
Magnets are on the caps and pop off for use!  
I did a really quick swatch of these, using a different color and magnet combo on each nail.  All in all they worked really well.  The only one that didn't seem to work at all was the magnet with the straight lines.  I tried to use it over Electrostatic (the steel blue color) and nothing happened!  Could have very well been user error but I didn't have a problem with the other magnets.  I used a base coat of Sally Hansen Base and one nice coat of each color.  The trick with magnetic polish is that you need to use the magnet while the polish is still wet so I painted and magnetized each nail completely before moving onto the next.  Here is what I came up with.

Pinky to index finger - Electrostatic, Attract, Magnetic Field and Magnetized
These colors are amazing!
I love the star magnet and the circles.  I will be experimenting with these colors further but for now, I just simply love them.  I wish I knew what happened with the Electrostatic. If you don't have any magnetic polish or are looking for beautiful colors that double as a magnetic polish, I would highly recommend these.  Beautiful color on top of an easy alternative to hand painted nail art is always a win in my book.

Tell me what you think!  Do you have any magnetics and if so what are your favs?


  1. nice!

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  3. I can't believe that exists!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
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