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Monday, March 25, 2013

Life and all the things in-between aka An update!

Hello lovelies!

It's been a while I know... Dom & I have had an onslaught of crazy life-itis it seems! Here's my update though :)

Since I saw most of you last (on the regular) I was working through a deployment and all that it entails. Well my husband since came home then deployed again. Haha the life of being government property eh? I feel bad for him being gone so much but I know that he enjoys his job, so that makes it easier I'm sure. But back to the update...

When I was preparing for his previous homecoming I looked like this...

More after the jump!

He came home and all was wonderful... we even enjoyed some silly times as a family at Halloween

Husband: Whoopee Cushion, Daughter: Vampire, Son: Monkey, Me: Kitty

So as I mentioned before he deployed again... Even when we say goodbye through the tears we make each other laugh and smile.

Then... FINALLY he came home this last time and this is how I looked...

The tightest hug of my life!
...and how everyone else looked lol
So... as you may have guessed I'm pregnant! I found out just after he left for deployment. Thankfully he's home now and we're enjoying the little kicks of our new baby along with all the fun of a newly 2 and 13 year old! Our family is happier than ever and having more fun and silliness than the day before.

We just had the 20wk-ish Ultrasound and this is how it turned out...

This is the baby from the side view head (L) to chest (R)

We found out the newest little one will be a BOY! This was my mani to announce the good news :) I used Cult Nails - Nevermore, Zoya - Purity, Revlon - Indigo Night (stamped feet), Lynnderella - Forget You Not. The stamping plates I used were Chevrons (thumb) - BM -201 (Bundle Monster), Heart & X's O's - VL 001 (Vivid Lacquer), Baby feet - SH03 (Shany). This is the photo I posted on my Instagram @enjeliq if you want to follow along!

Beyond this stuff is all the other life stuff mixed in lol. It's been a busy few months and I miss blogging. I'm trying to get things back in order so my posts aren't as infrequent lol. My birthday is coming next month as well as we're moving as a family to our next duty station. At this point the best we know is it'll be in the New England area, specifically near Boston. But... like most things in the military/Navy that could change haha!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me and of course let me know if you're looking for any specific geared posts!



  1. Great post mama! Now I have to do an update! However, my b4 and after pics will look a bit different! Roflmao! ♥ Dom

  2. Congratulations! Also I love your mani :)


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