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Monday, July 2, 2012

a few musings from 3am and beyond...

Well I've tried to stay active on our Facebook fan page (which you can like here!) and on our Twitter account (@ManiCuriously) since I am still unable to really paint my nails. It's been so hard not posting... I felt like I wasn't really allowed. Does that make sense? As though you guys wouldn't want to hear from me unless I was sporting some colored digits or featuring some tutorial or some such.

Talking with some lovely new followers and of course amazing old followers helped me realize that just maybe... MAYBE y'all don't just tune in to see pictures of my chubby digits. That maybe you enjoy Dom & I ranting about whatever such randomness. I think we got a little lost. We've been trying so hard to make sure that nothing we post is too out dated or over done. Worked to find colors that we want to support and feature that it is entirely possible that we lost sight of what we originally set out to do...


To simply create a venue where a friendly dialogue could be available for us, she and I, to share our manis. To create a space with which we could maybe make some new buddies to envelope into the fold of that "us" dynamic. To grow that us into a community of sorts that could enjoy our special brand of sarcasm, frankness and beauty.

Dom & I have been through all sorts of things in life, some together and much apart. The one thing that has always stayed constant is the fact that no matter the time or distance we could always be us with each other. We want that for our followers. We want that for all the people that we care about- including all our lovely interweb friends. Truth is something that is more valuable and harder to find than the rarest gem. You will always receive truth from Dom & I.


For the time being, possibly another month, I will not be able to really paint my nails as they're still jacked up (see more on that here!) and seriously misshapen from being cut down all crazy... so if you have requests for polish comparisons, ideas for posts that don't really involve showing a mani... inbox me at manicuriously AT gmail DOT com or hit me on Twitter or Facebook... seriously I'm always plugged in... or if you just wanna chat... I'll be there...

so... just some thoughts... from 3am and beyond...



  1. There is something refreshing about bloggers that you follow, with posts that are right up your alley, wonderful sources of information...and then you get the random, one-off posts about something else and it really reignites your want to keep reading. It also gives you insight into who this blogger is, and that is worth a ton in my opinion :)

    1. TPE- Thank you for your awesome comment, it really made my day :) I had hoped this post would be viewed the way you did... thank you for that, I am grateful more than you know :) xo E


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