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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Different Dimension Santa Baby Christmas Collection ... AMAZEBALLS!!!!

Get ready ladies, this is gonna be a good one! Missi Barry is the creator of Different Dimension nail polish and her latest collection for the Holiday Season is amazing. I had a chance to chat with Missi and find out a bit about what makes her tick.

Dom: What made you start making polish?
Missi: I am a licensed nail tech and I had to have joint replacement surgery late this past spring, I ordered a bunch of stuff beforehand and started playing around with it, just for personal use. After years of doing nails you start to notice how similar all of the polishes tend to look. I just wanted something different to wear! I posted some pics online and things just took off! I now do this full-time and work two days a week as a nail tech!  I love it and I hope it shows!

Dom: Are you a polish collector and if so what are some of your prized colors or lemmings?
Missi: OMG!!! Yes!!! I'm a huge Whimsical Ideas by Pam fan as well as Contrary Polish. I am dying to get my hands on some Nerd Lacquer!!! As far as lemmings - I would have to say Nancy's Birthday and My Friend Carol by Whimsical Ideas and then I have a whole list of Nerd Lacquers I want - Don't Blink, Entirely Unlike Tea, Don't Panic, Outed by A Probot, All of Time and Space, Holy Grail, Smoke Dragon...

Dom: Santa Baby ... why was that song the inspiration for this collection?
Missi: It was between Santa Baby and My Grown-Up Christmas List. I always try to have a theme and Santa Baby is just so fun and girly and I LOVE it! I'm hoping everyone gets it. I didn't want to make polishes that were only specific to Christmas though. I think most of this collection can be worn year round. Like Santa Baby can definitely be worn on Valentines Day.

Dom: I have several of your lacquers and I love each and every one! What do you think makes your polish so special?
Missi: Honestly I make polishes that I would (and do) wear personally. I don't just throw glitter into some base and shake it up and pray it looks nice. Every polish is thought out well beforehand, colors that I want to use, what I want it to look like, if there is a cause behind it or a theme. I am obsessed with color and glitter so I'm sure that helps! I probably fail more than I succeed but sometimes I will go back after a month or two and look and add something that makes it a final product. I also measure everything and write it down! I think consistency throughout is such an important thing so many do not follow in this small community of ours.

Dom: What are inspirations? What keeps you doing what you do?
Missi: Personally my boys are my inspiration - everything I do in my life I do to better their lives. I was working 50+ hours a week in a nail shop unable to spend any time with them, I now am down to two days a week and I am able to be a mommy again! That is what keeps me going. I don't think that there is a greater gift than our children, so I try to do as much as I can to stay as involved as possible with them. I am so thankful this is allowing me to do that now! Other inspiration - I am a HUGE Andy Warhol fan, love love love him and any type of art in general. Hell, I even sat in the Christmas aisles (you know back in August, lol!) at Hobby Lobby for hours just gazing at all the wonderful colors and collections of ornament and decorations!

I really enjoyed getting to know Missi almost as much as I enjoy her polish! ; ) When I received my package of polish from Missi, I just about died! I had ordered several for my own collection and was also looking forward to reviewing the Santa Baby Line. It is safe to say that this is one of the best packages I have received in a while!  When I began to open the little bundles of joy, I loved each one just a bit more than the last. This collection is full of amazing color and texture combinations!  Let's get started shall we?

There are eight polishes in this collection with one bonus polish that will make you wanna smack yo mama! Santa Baby, Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight, I'll Wait Up For You Dear, Sign Your 'X' on the Line, I've Been An Angel All Year, I've Been an Awful Good Girl, Think of All the Fellas That I Haven't Kissed and Out of Space Convertible make up the Santa Baby Collection with a stunner called Chrsitmahanakwanzika as a bonus!

For all of these swatches I used Beauty Secrets Base Coat. I only used Orly Glosser Top Coat on two of the polishes, I will note those later in the post. All the polish descriptions are taken from the Different Dimensions Etsy Shop site. I am going to take a moment and make a blanket statement about all of these lacquers ... ALL OF THEM paint like a dream and even out nicely!

Santa Baby has a clear base with red, pink and white glitters in different sizes mixed with silver holographic micro-glitter. 

Sinful Colors Snow Me White & Rimmel London Black Satin
Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight is a jumble of asymmetrical red and white glitters. Looks amazing over any color! 

Sinful Colors Snow Me White & Rimmel London Black Satin
I'll Wait Up For You Dear is my vision of what Christmas in a bottle would look like. Green and red glitters in a clear base - so simple, yet so Christmassy!

Look at that light!!!
Sign Your 'X' On The Line is a silver shred and gold flakie top coat. It is neither really gold nor really silver but it is really amazing on!

Sinful Colors Snow Me White, W&W Red Red, Rimmel London Black Satin, China Glaze Holly-Day
With all of the wonderful holidays this time of year Missi decided it was important to try and make something fun for everyone to wear! Christmahanakwanzika has all of the amazing colors of all 3 holidays mixed into one polish! Definately a fun topper!

Sinful Colors Snow Me White, W&W Red Red, Rimmel London Black Satin, China Glaze Holly-Day
I've Been An Angel All Year has white, blue and silver glitters in a white base with slight blue shimmer added. Full coverage in 2 coats.

w/Orly Glosser top coat

I've Been An Awful Good Girl has a white base with pink(ish) shimmer and different sized pink and purple glitters throughout in different sizes.

2 Coats and look how smooth it is!  w/Orly Glosser top coat
Think Of All The Fellas That I Haven't Kissed - The colors in this were inspired in part by Missi's own Christmas tree trimmings. Rich purples, blues and teals in a clear base. Buildable in 3 coats, but looks amazing as a topper! (I only used 2 coats for these images with no undies)

Out Of Space Convertible is a black jelly polish with pink, purple and blue micro holographic glitters, looks best over black, but can be built in 3 coats. (again, I only used 2 coats for these images with no undies)

Well there ya have it!  I am going to give Different Dimensions Santa Baby Collection an A+!  All of colors were amazing to work with and I will definitely be wearing these again and again during this holiday season and beyond! I highly recommend this line to all of you and while you are shopping for these beauties pick up a few of Missi's other polishes. You will not be disappointed!  

Missi has been kind enough to issue a special discount for the month of November for Mani Curiously readers.  So head over to her shop grab some awesome polish!

Don't forget your special 20% off reader discount code when you checkout! 

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Tell me what you think. Do you see any must haves in this collection? 

This is a free sample given to me by Different Dimension. Reviewing this sample in no way impacts my review of the product. My views are my own and are expressed accurately and fairly to best of my ability.


  1. I want I've Been An Awful Good Girl so bad! I dont normally like pinks but that one looks awesome.

    1. Seriously, it is more than just a pink! It is nuts and I think you would love it! Don't forget to use your our discount code when you buy it!

  2. I love Missi and her polishes! Out of Space Convertible and Think of All The Fellas I Haven't Kissed are absolutely beautiful, but then again, all her polishes are! :)

    1. I agree totally! I look forward to swatching the rest of my personal collection! I have so many now and can't wait to get my hands on the rest! LOL!

  3. Replies
    1. It is a must have in my book! Missi really outdid herself this time!

  4. I am LOVING 'Think Of All The Fellas That I Haven't Kissed' and 'Christmahanakwanzika' over that green! AHHH I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Can we just skip Thankgiving pl0x? <3

    1. I need to eat on Thanksgiving so NO! LOL!


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