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Monday, November 12, 2012

Above the Curve ... Yes it is!

Hey ladies! Today I am excited to bring you a bit of indie love for Above the Curve nail polish. In my fashion, I really wanted to know more about the husband and wife team that created Above the Curve  and I was excite to get a chance to chat with one half of the duo, Angel Erwin!

Dom:  What made you start making polish?
Angel:  Well, I have always been passionate about raising awareness for Scoliosis and Shriner's Hospitals for the Children. We usually donate to Shriner's once a year but we really wanted to do more. So with my love of polish and frankening we thought it would be great if we made our own polish to help raise awareness and money for our cause! And viola, Above the Curve was born!

Dom:  What inspires you?
Angel:  About four years ago I read an article that said Shriner's Hospitals for Children would have to start charging families for the surgeries and care that they desperately needed. We felt like we needed to do something. We also felt the need to pay it forward for the help that I received from Shriner's many years ago!

Dom:  Are you a collector and if so what is your prized polish and what is your biggest lemming?
Angel:  Oh LORD!!! Yes, I am a "collector"! Hahaha! :) Hmm ... this is a hard one! I guess my most prized polish would have to be my China Glaze OMG collection (well, the ones that I have!). I have them up in my closet so my daughter doesn't break them. LOL! Also, China Glaze Sexagon!!! That is also put up.

Biggest lemming? Geez, that one is even harder!!! Ummm ... it was Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger but I  got lucky and found someone to make me a dupe. So, I guess I would have to say Cult Nails Clairvoyant aka Unicorn Puke.

Dom:  Anything fun coming down the pipeline for ATC?
Angel:  I dunno! You'll have to wait and see ;) wink! wink!

Dom:  Upcoming collections?
Angel:  We are working on a Dr. Seuss Collection right now that we hope to have release in the next month or two! But that is all I can tell you for now!  You already know too much! Hehehe!

Angel was so fun to chat with and I cannot wait to see the Dr. Seuss collection!!! I was lucky enough to get my hands on Above the Curve Fallen Angel and couldn't wait to get it on my nails. Above the Curve describes Fallen Angel as

A holographic polish with blue, pink and purple color shifting shimmer in a black base. 

I love this polish and had NO issues with it at all! I used Beauty Secrets Base Coat with two coats of Fallen Angel and Orly Glosser as a top coat.

I love this polish under inside lights as much as I do in the sun!!
Full Sunlight
I took so may pics of this polish and wanted to show a couple different angles! 
Full Sunlight

I have nothing but good things to say about this polish! It painted well and looked amazing. I had no issues with clean up and wore the polish for several days with no chipping! Take a minute and check out this polish ladies, you will not be disappointed!

You can purchase Above the Curve nail polish at:

You can also like Above the Curve on Facebook:

Tell me what you think. If you have any Above the Curves nail polish, let me know. What are your favorites or which ones are must haves on your list?

This is a free sample given to me by Above the Curve. Reviewing this sample in no way impacts my review of the product. My views are my own and are expressed accurately and fairly to best of my ability.


  1. great post! That Dr. Seuss collection is going to be amazing

  2. Wow!!! I super like the nail color for it looks so elegant and classy. I usually prefer this kind of shade with glitters for i find them long lasting.


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