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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What you're in for... or... Welcome to our Blog!!

Since we're sure you already read our "about us" page we won't inundate you with information you already know ;)

Our initial goal for this blog was for us to be able to share our insane obsession with nail polish. We found ourselves spending the same amount of time most people get paid for talking about our nails. Discussing new techniques, DIY, polish colors and general likes and dislikes of all of the aforementioned. So one day, during one of our many phone conversations ( E ) came up with the bright idea to start this blog. As a way to share our thoughts as well as get feedback from others like us!

We are not professionals nor do we play them on TV... so please do not take our commentary as gospel. Hopefully anything that you take away from this blog leads to inspiration for your next great polish idea... And remember... share and share alike with others like us! Just give us or our contributors credit where credit is due!

For my last disclaimer... AGAIN we are not professional manicurists lol... we don't get our nails done by anyone else, nor do we have acrylic overlays etc etc. We paint our own nails, our cuticles are always a work in progress and even though we've been painting our own nails since about 10 years old, we are still learning how to be better painters... So please forgive us our trespasses and enjoy our commentary!

Welcome to our little slice of the interweb... we hope you like it here!! Please feel free to email with any questions, comments or concerns!

1 comment:

  1. It's a great testament to your friendship that you've decided to collaborate on this together.

    I wish you both much success along your blogging journey! Hope you have a lot of fun! :D


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