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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Incoco Nail Polish Applique Review

Have you ever wanted to look cute but just didn't have the time? I mean I love taking the time to do my nails, along with my hair and make up, but there isn't always time for a full mani. I've been loving all the different designs that have been coming out with these nail polish appliqu├ęs. I've even tried a few and had fun with them. Well with all the things a busy mother and wife has to do during the holidays I've found myself with less and less time to do a mani, much less keep a cute one fresh.

The perfect opportunity arose when I was sent some Incoco Nail Polish Appliques for review. I mean these are perfect for the season and ridiculously cute! I really loved the snow flake designs, I mean they're simple and pretty as well as all holiday celebration appropriate! 

While reading about the brand I found out that they've been in research and development of non-liquid nail polish for over 20 years. WOW!! It makes sense because I have to say this nail applique was the best I've used yet! The colors are vibrant, clear and on trend! 

Application was a breeze, I just followed the directions that were included. They applied easily and cleanly. The only down side for me is that my nails are unusually shaped and wide so the applique doesn't quite cover my entire nail, leaving a bit uncovered on the side. While that was an issue for me it was the only issue and a very minor one. The nail appliques cover enough of my nail that a little bit of nail showing on the side wasn't problematic or embarrassing. 

Beyond the cute design and easy-breezy application, my other favorite part about the Incoco nail polish appliques is that included in the set is a way to securely reseal the bag! That way you can save any unused appliques! Hello money saver!!

Besides the obvious things that I loved the really amazing BONUS to this kit is that the polish remover pad is a felt like material! I mean wow easy on and easy off!! They really thought of everything and I have to say for this mother and wife on the go during this especially busy holiday time this was the best and most relaxing mani yet! You can't really go wrong with a product that such amazing and fashion forward celebs like Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez & Vera Wang wear! At $31.99 a set, these can easily become part of that special night out with that special someone and hey it's easier, faster and cheaper than getting your nails done at a shop!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a set of the amazing Incoco Nail Polish Appliques!

This is a free sample given to me by TRIB3 Chic. Reviewing this sample in no way impacts my review of the product. My views are my own and are expressed accurately and fairly to best of my ability.

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