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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Different Dimension: WoW Expansion Inspired LE Lacquer Set *PIC HEAVY*

Where my gamer girls at?!! I got the awesome chance to show off an amazing Indie brand for you and man I hope I lived up to the pressure!

The newest Limited Edition (LE) Indie set comes from the amazing Missi at Different Dimension. This set was inspired by the new expansion pack for World of Warcraft (WoW) coming out September 25th, Mists of Pandaria.  More info on that can be found on the WoW website!

In this newest expansion WoW is introducing lots of new stuff and from what I've read it sounds like it'll be pretty amazing! I feel that visually these lacquers are a great polish interpretation of their namesakes.... If you're a gamer new or old or even just a lover of beautiful sparkly glitter polish, this set is for YOU!

Before we get to swatches, here are some beautiful bottle shots!! 

L to R: Horde, Alliance, Bad Ass Panda, Spectral Tiger & Murloc

WOW WOW WOW right?! Soooo pretty and every single one sparkles like a million bucks!! On to the swatches!!

First up is Horde. To give you a little background, the Horde is a faction in WoW. It is made up of mostly the "undesirable" classes and is seen as dark. These are my words and my interpretation as a long time player. The insignia is red and behind it is black, so as I'm sure you can see from the Horde inspired polish- she really let that darkness be embodied in it.

The Horde polish is a dark/black jelly base with red & holographic hex glitter along with some micro holo(graphic) glitter to fill in for some extra necessary bling! This polish is opaque in 2 coats and absolutely lovely without undies. I apologize but I did not photo this with undies.


Alliance is next! They are the other faction in the game and for most die hard players only one faction will do lol. I know personally that I have never had an Alliance character and many of my friends have never had any Alliance characters lol. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with EITHER faction... it's just choosing a side ;) So, sadly I cannot tell you too awfully much about the Alliance side except to say they are more light than dark and their lands are usually really pretty lol.

The formula is great in all of these, show are two coats with Sally Hansen - Gilty Pleasure as undies. While I was all set to pre-emptively dislike the Alliance polish, I found that this is one of my favorites of the set. I love gold glitter and quite honestly this glitter is just SO amazing in person. If you like sparkle and bling this is for you. It also can be understated and simply beautiful if you so choose. The lovely blue and purple square glitters mixed in with the lovely round gold and micro holo glitter really make this a stand out gold glitter. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this!


1 coat Alliance on top of Zoya - Robyn
Next up is Bad Ass Panda! I mean... who doesn't love a black and white glitter?! With some more micro holo goodness mixed up with some mean diamond shaped black glitter, a side of pearl white hexes and a dash of small white matte hex... woah nelly this is a statement glitter. Absolutely beautiful but not for the weak nailed lol. This can be worn alone or on top of something to make it pop. I love this glitter because it is just so damn cool and again... who doesn't love a black and white glitter!

1 coat of Bad Ass Panda on top of Essie - No More Film

1 coat of Bad Ass Panda on top of OPI - Y'all Come Back Ya Hear!

My second favorite and of course the most awesome embodiment of a character yet... Spectral Tiger! This beauty is not only bling-tastic but it is also a possible dual for those of you that wanna stand out or an understated elegance. Spectral Tiger also does double duty and can go from day tripper to night haute with the change of lighting... it is a GLOW IN THE DARK glitter! WHAAA?!!! Yes! GITD is amazeballs!

I want to point out though... with any GITD anything you have to charge the particles/chemicals with light to make them glow. If you have ever had anything that didn't glow that brightly- stick it under a lamp or out in direct sunlight for just a bit. In just a minute or two you'll be ready to rock and roll!

Spectral Tiger 2 coats on top of Barielle - Swizzle Stix as undies :)

1 coat Spectral Tiger over China Glaze - Liquid Leather (Black)

Spectral Tiger GITD on top of China Glaze - Liquid Leather (Black)

Last but certainly not least is Murloc! What a lovely spring colored glitter! At first I wasn't sure I'd love it nearly as much as the other four but again, formula is a winner and the colors really warm up to you. The green and red bold mix can also make you feel like Christmas year round but there is plenty of holo glitter to really bounce more colors than just those. I really loved this one after I used it and intend to use it more!!

I intended to show Murloc over a second color but completely spaced out, so I apologize! Murloc is show with 2 coats on naked nails and 1 coat on top of Models Own - Lime Light.

All in all this beautiful set is totally worth buying as a set, but if you're a lil tight on cashola or think you'd prefer just a couple instead of all 5- you can't go wrong with any of them. I love the artistry and thought that went into these as well as the balance of glitter to base. Like I've already said, the formula and application is great! Nothing less than what I'd expect of some beautiful glitter bombs! Oh and all polishes had a coat of Seche Vite on top :)

You can purchase these and more from Different Dimension's Etsy page. Remember... these are Limited Edition and once they're pulled from her virtual shelf... they're gone! They will be available until September 25th (also the day the expansion drops!) so be sure to pick up yours while there is still time AND stock!!!


Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me for review. My opinions of the brand and products are my own and unbiased in any way. I do my best to accurately and honestly report my findings to the best of my ability. 


  1. Awesome review girl! I see a few I might need to get, dispite my hatred for WOW ;)

    1. lol They're really lovely and who can say no to B & W glitter with extra sparkle?! xo E

  2. Whoa! I love Horde! I've dabbled in WOW in the past, and I was just saying to my husband that I thought the new expansion pack looked awesome! PS your nails are looking fab ;-)

    1. MB you've gotta let me know when you decide to play again- we'll have to team up ;) Horde is really pretty- way sparklier than in the photos even!! xo E


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